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Sustainable Produce Packaging is the topic I chose for my Thesis Proposal book. I selected this topic because it’s a topic I’m passionate about (the environment). I’m an avid environmentalist and have become more informed on plastic waste and how it has developed into a global issue. From my research I learned that our produce is predominantly packaged in plastic, which is not only detrimental to our environment but also our health. Also, the toxins in the plastic from these packages are seeping into our food and shockingly into our bodies. I desired to create a book informing people about the risks of plastic produce packaging and “How America Can Provide More Sustainable Produce Packaging?”. It is our right as consumers to know what is harmful to our health and environment, thus we can all contribute to a find solution. To create my final thesis proposal book I combined my statement, narrative, process work, literature review, and finalized with my conclusion.

Sustainable Produce Packaging, Thesis Proposal Book

My statement on how plastic waste has become a Global issue and Narrative on solutions
Mind Map on Reducing Plastic Produce Packaging and the Problem it's causing
Solutions and Sustainable options and my System
Plastic Waste is polluting our environment as well as our marine and wildlife

 A spread from my book showing some of my Process Work along with my Literature Review beginning with my first reference

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