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In this Print Magazine I wrote an article and designed a magazine spread on a selected graphic designer of my choice (David Carson). I became interested in this designer from a previous project at another university and grew to admire his work. Carson is not only known for his “new approach to type and page design, while breaking the rules without using the traditional layout systems” but in addition placed 9th as the best pro surfer in the world! In this spread I tried to capture his laid-back surfer and design grunge vibes using some abstract lines and textures, while mimicking his lack of following traditional layouts of grids and margins. I designed this with InDesign and created the illustrative accents and textures using Illustrator.

Top Left: Print Magazine (Cover)/Top Right:Opening Spread (Title Page: David Carson, Surfing Up His Own Rules)

Above: Print Magazine, David Carson, Surfing Up His Own Rules In designing this title page I aspired to combine Carson’s love for surfing along with his unique style and placement of typography. 
This spread introduces Carson’s biography along with a some cover designs for Transworld Magazine. (Pg 50-51)

This spread features some of Carson’s most prominent designs and discusses his famous grunge-like typography. (Pg 52-53)

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