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In Web Design I created an App Interface called NYC COMPOST with data set “Food Scrap drop- off sites” (this shows the locations and operations of the drop-off sites for the compost services.) The app is geared towards New York residents that do not have room to store compost in a backyard as many do not have one. My target market is New York residents that are environmentally conscious who can take their compost scraps from their tiny compost pails (stored  in their kitchens) and use the app to get the compost service. It will provide them an easy and quick way to find out where their nearest location is to drop off their compost or to have it picked up. 

There are many other features on the app for example they can select the day and time of their drop off/or pick up service. This app will be helpful for schools since some New York City schools are now educating their students and composting at their schools. Grow NYC is a real non-profit organization which offers food scrap collection at forty “Greenmarkets” (farmers market). Using the app, you will select your borough of New York that you live in and then it will tell you the name of your “Greenmarket” that’s closest to you where you can drop-off your compost. If the user does want to drop it off there is the option of choosing the pick-up button and requesting your compost to be picked up.
Sketches for Flow-Chart
Sketches for Flow-Chart


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