I'm a Graphic Designer, Photographer, and Artist!

This project gave me a lot of creative freedom to design this Promotional series for the MoMa Exhibition featuring filmmaker and comedic actor Jacques Tati. I composed two different design systems and the one selected conveyed Jacques Tati’s personality more (especially if the audience is unfamiliar with his work.) I wanted to pick a design system that portrayed Jacques Tati’s films and chose mostly primary colors as I noticed in my research that those appeared the most. 

Also, I noticed that circles and lines reappeared often in his work and in the architecture located in his films. The invitation I constructed was meant to be playful for all ages and it was designed to mimic the quirky house in Tati’s film Mon
. I sensed the invitation symbolized his personality in his comedic acting. For the brochure, I wanted it to mainly depict Tati’s love of filmmaking by creating a movie reel that would act as an informational wheel about his exhibition. I produced all the promotional design using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
This brochure mimics a movie reel representing Jacques Tati's filmmaking and comedic acting
Back of Brochure(Informational Wheel)

Mailer INVITATION for Exhibition

1st Promotional System

Selected System for Promotional Applications

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