I'm a Graphic Designer, Photographer, and Artist!

My goal for this final coding project was to create a video which included audio, images, text, and an interactive feature. The project was inspired by my partnership in distributing Jackfruit and how through my research I have noticed how consumers have trouble figuring out how to cut this fruit, as it is very difficult. Therefore, I wanted to show a simple “How To” video (which includes background music for the audio.) The text in the video it keeps the directions quick and simple to follow. The user first clicks on the How to Cut a Jackfruit icon to display the video and after can click on the second icon Recipes which will direct the user to a smoothie recipe. This coding was challenging at first, but I learned a great deal and I would like to add even more features eventually.

Click on the left(Jackfruit) to display Video and then click right onto halved Jackfruit to get Recipes

This is the Recipes page that you navigate from click on second Jackfruit

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