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For the company FKS (Frutikas Distributing LLC) that I design for, new packaging for the 2019 mango box was requested. started the job without much direction except I was only able to use three colors. FKS distributes high quality produce including mangoes and it was requested that they would prefer a box that will make the mangoes stand out. Therefore, I decided to keep the background white to ensure that the mangos will stand out and have contrast attracting the consumer (whether they are unripe and green or ripe and orange-yellow.) I chose to illustrate leaves which drew from the idea of the mango tree (I did my research on mangoes and also looked up the competition of other mango packaging boxes) since that’s where mangoes are grown, and I liked the elongated shape of their leaves.  I was able to create this all using Adobe Illustrator.
Illustration I created for box-decided not to use the mangoes and only the leaves of mango tree (Color is brighter here than true print)



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