I'm a Graphic Designer, Photographer, and Artist!

This was a group project therefore I only included pages I worked on. The goal was to redesign a website that we felt needed a makeover. It came up with the idea to decide to redesign Craigslist as I have grown up with site and have always felt it’s a bit cluttered and not very aesthetically appealing to the user. We added connecting features from two other sites one being an analogous site ( Airbnb to utilize its security feature) and the second being a disruptor site (Twitter so that we could add a messaging feature for users to communicate with other users). The main end goal was to give the site a modern, clean, and updated look, and to provide a messaging feature for our users to communicate with each other. Overall, our goal was accomplished and resulted with a cleaner design, a safer website, accessibility, and a much more user-friendly site with new and improved communication.


MY DETAILED PRODUCT PAGE-The detailed product page was successful and allowed users to rate the products purchased.

DIRECT MESSAGING PAGE-The direct messaging page allows users to message other about services or products.

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