I'm a Graphic Designer, Photographer, and Artist!

The purpose of this book is to demonstrate my personal journey from point A to B with our choice of topic. For this From Here to There project I decided to construct a star book which dimensionally demonstrates sections through my biographical journey incorporating my roots with the east and west coast. The areas of my residency cover the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New Jersey. Through my personal photography and text, I discussed and showed the differences in the cultures that I experienced from the living on West and East Coast as well as my journey including my family roots from both sides of my family.  This book contains a visual style of documentation using a combination of images and text using Adobe Illustrator. The goal was to portray a visual biography and informational book for others to experience what I have learned along the way through my journey.
Above is the cover and starting point of my journey From Here to There
My move from the east coast to the west coast and history of my family's origin
My parent's divorce and sister's birth paved the way for the rest of my journey
Eventually this ends with what I have learned from living on both sides of the coasts
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